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Massage Therapy

50 MIN $145 / 80 MIN $190

Sports Massage 

This customized massage uses firm pressure and light stretching to relieve tension.

Prenatal Therapy 

This specialized massage relieves stress and strain during pregnancy by focusing on reducing tension in the legs and back.

Hot Stone Therapy

Smooth river stones are heated, and used to soothe and warm the muscles. This treatment relieves stiffness and soreness, while balancing the energy system.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief

An ideal introduction to massage. Awaken the senses and let your body feel the benefits from sea fennel, lavender blossom and natural mint to re-mineralize and deeply relax the body. Gentle Swedish therapeutic massage techniques will reduce stress, soothe muscles and increase your sense of well-being.



50 MIN $180 / 80 MIN $225


The proper functioning of the Lymphatic System is critical to our body’s ability to drain stagnant fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissue, filter out foreign substances and maintain a healthy immune system. Lymph vessels and nodes are present in most tissues of our body, including fat cells where toxins are stored. This very light touch methodology also helps to balance the entire nervous system. LDT also is very effective in muscular restrictions, without the need to manipulate deeply by applying Lympho Myofacial Release Techniques ( LMR ). Once liberating these restrictions the lymph flow as well as organ functions improve. Joint articulation also helps to mobilize restrictions by gently releasing adhesions and scarring. LTD can also reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking up the scarring of the fat cells and moving waste out of the area. Combined with FSM it has been quite effective. Ask about a series session price.


CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.


An advanced technique that releases brain-centered restrictions, as well as the damaging effects these restrictions cause. By affecting the biomagnetic, biomechanical and neurological system fields of the body, this application restores brain-nervous system communications, motor, sensory, endocrine and autonomic functioning. Facilitates stress anxiety, psycho-emotional issues, PTSD and more. Light touch.


The fascial system is a specialized system of the body. A unified flexible crystalline matrix (web) that surrounds, cushions and supports muscles, bones, nerve blood vessel and organs to the cellular level. By applying gentle sustained pressure to the myofascial restrictions, this treatment helps restore motion. Facilitates injuries, chronic pain, scoliosis, structural conditions and conditions that cannot be detected on x-ray or MRI.


This is a holistic approach that addresses the mental /emotional/ spiritual relationship to one’s bodily symptoms. Bringing awareness to one’s embodied experiences help to release the energy from the body. For the individuals who would like to connect to a deeper sense of themselves and release emotional energy from the body. Light touch and verbal guidance.


Reflexology is considered an ancient art and science where the reflex points on the ears hands and feet correlate to organ systems of the body. When the points are stimulated they allow the innate wisdom of the body to realign providing balance to mind,body and spirit. A therapeutic application of ancient art and science where the reflex points on the ears, hands and feet correlate to relative organs, glands and functioning of the body. When these points are stimulated, it supports the health and alignment of the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Thai massage is an ancient health care, spirit based modality. The massage is done on the floor fully clothed. Some describe it as “Having Yoga Done to You”. The depth of this massage is performed with “Metta”- Loving Kindness, active and passive stretching, sen (meridian) lines are opened and flow is encouraged with breathing techniques.


Energy work is a broad term used for any therapy which manipulates the energetic connections between our minds, bodies and emotions to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanisms. Some of the more well-known therapies which fall under “energetic healing” include Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology. There are lesser known therapies such as Chakra Balancing, Vibrational Healing and many other forms of bodywork. Our therapists are trained in a multitude of modalities and will combine their intuitive skills to approach each guest in their own unique way.


FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) is a type of physical therapy that uses microcurrent (a measured current in a millionths of an amp) to increase cellular ATP energy production. Microcurrent increases the production of ATP, your own chemical energy, by up to 500%, while reducing inflammation by 62%! FSM uses extremely low-level electrical currents to treat general pain, nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, collagen production and other health challenges. FSM combined with nutrition and mobility can offer remarkable results for acute and chronic health projects or those who have not found relief.



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Cancellation Policies and Fees
Your treatments are reserved especially for you. We value your business and ask that you respect the spa’s scheduling policies. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance.

Any cancellations with less than 48 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee amounting to the cost of the scheduled service. Clients who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled service. We recognize the time of our clients and staff is valuable and have implemented this policy for this reason. When you miss an appointment with us, we not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time. Additionally, many times our staff will be functioning in an “on call” status and can have traveled to the spa specifically for your service. For these reasons we are obligated to compensate our staff for their time as well as make up for the lost revenue.

When you schedule your appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies. All services require a credit card or gift certificate to guarantee a reservation so please have your credit card and/or gift certificate ready when booking. You will not be billed unless there is a cancellation or no show. Upon checkout, guests may choose their method of payment.

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