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skincare + nutrition + wellness = ageless skin and a healthy body


Sheryl "Rushy" Stroud, CA, NTP,  is a leading Clinical Aesthetician and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the non-invasive, non-surgical esthetic field - using Nutrition and DNA based skincare solutions for customized treatments and product development for individuals and other modalities to address acneic and aging skin.

She is the founder and director of Rushy Rush Skincare Labs, consulting and treating clients daily on various skincare concerns from the inside out.

The author of The Stroud Protocol, Sheryl believes that skincare is more than a topical solution. You need to balance, feed and regulate pH, skin cells, and hormones with food nutrients and supplements for the overall well-being of the integumentary system, to slow down and possibly reverse the aging process and acneic breakouts.

Sheryl is also Global Clinical Educator of SkinHealthEdu. S.H.E., the leader in Aesthetic Education was developed to offer continuing education for Aestheticians and provide a 360 degree approach to skin health. S.H.E. premium courses offer lessons that cover a wide range of topics. Enriched with state-of-the-art animations and video lectures, students are guaranteed an interactive learning experience and advanced aesthetic knowledge. 

Developing and conducting Advanced Product Knowledge training programs for skincare specialists, aesthetic clinicians, nurses and physicians, her extensive clinical knowledge is shared in an enthusiastic and engaging manner. Which with her commitment to provide objective science based programs allows for a fun way to learn.

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